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Adriana Mendez︎ PRAHY

PRAHY: a city branding concept

Aim: to create a flexible visual identity for prague that can:

- be applied to all of the city’s districts without taking away from their individuality.
- strengthen the resident's connection to the city
- improve municipality-resident communication 

PRAHY visual identity - adri mendez from Adri Mendez on Vimeo.

The black and white visuals can be used for more formal applications such as stationary, municipal communications, the website, stamps and so on.

The colorful, abstract alternate version of the shields can be used for more captivating and informal uses such as billboards, stickers, and merchandise.

Student bio

Costa Rican in the Czech Republic.
Founder & director of Adri Mendez Co.
Graphic designer at Ematix s.r.o.
Actress & content creator.

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