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Anna Stava ︎ stromovGO

Project description

stromovGO is a family app used to resdiscover Stromovka Park through a series of interactive activites. Using the park map on the main page of the application, the user can browse different activties around the park that tests one’s knowledge, physical abilities and teamwork skills. 

Prototype link: here

Student bio

Hey everyone I’m Anna and I am a Prague based graphic designer originally from California. I moved to Prague three years ago on a whim and have been exploring the creative world through experiences and practice. I would say I specialize in UI/UX and branding, but I still have lots to learn about those fields so maybe it is better to say I enjoy creating in those realms. I am currently interning at reSITE in Prague, an NGO that focuses on making cities more livable, helping develop their brand.

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