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Beyza Inanmis ︎ you know what they say

you know what they say

This project is a collection of proverbs from all around the world, accompanied by a visual language created through different mediums. The main focus is on variations containing a similar meaning. This book conveys a message of diversity and similarity: we have different cultures and histories, different environments and worlds we live in. Yet the nature of a human being - especially the stupidity will always remain. That is what makes proverbs timeless gems of wisdom. They are kind of like teachings a parent would tell their child, aren’t they?

Student bio

Hello, hello! My name is Beyza Nur Inanmis and I'm a Graphic Designer based in Munich, Germany. For now, I specialize in Illustration and Typography. I enjoy art in many forms, which is the reason for my wide-ranging knowledge in different fields. My esoteric way of working sets my very own fingerprint in the designs I create. Pleased to meet you!

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