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Freshly cooked is a series of cards created to help and improve the nutritional habits of younger students/workers.
They are based on the seasons of the year, making it easier to find the best options at any given time.

Inspired in the Mediterranean cuisine

Iconos and color coding

After several questionnaires, I came to the conclusion that the first thing that the target public looks at when they see a recipe is the ingredients, followed by the level of difficulty and the time they will have to invest. For this reason all the recipes are easy and take no more than 20 minutes. A colour code has been created for the backgrounds and colours of the dishes to facilitate and speed up the use of the product, separating the cards by categories.

The format of the cards allows them to be small in order to facilitate their use and carriage, while maintaining legibility and durability due to the material used. The perfect size for hanging on the fridge.

Final product - Spring / Summer deck of cards

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Hiii! I am Inés, a junior graphic designer looking forward to enhancing my knowledge and skills with a master's degree in Fashion Communication and Marketing, as it is a field that has always appealed to me. Passionate about illustration, animation, and editorial design, I am looking to gain new experiences and grow as an artist professionally.

︎ inesborao@gmail.com
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︎ Based in Valencia, Spain.


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