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Ji Yoon (Kelly) Lee ︎ Korea Tattoo

"Things are not always what they seem"

My project is based in South Korea. It is to find a way to easily access tattoos to Korean people.
In Korea, because of Confucianism and the history of Korea, people still have a negative perception of getting tattoos or having tattoos. But nowadays tattoos are becoming popular and tattoos are becoming one of art. Therefore this guerilla campaign is to help to introduce, inform about tattoos and to help people to change negative perception by having tattoos.

Goal - is to find a way to easily access tattoos to people. This means that it is becoming more popular in Korea getting tattoos, but it is still a long way off. Therefore, it is to make a solution, to how to introduce tattoos to people and how to change their perception by people getting tattoos.

Aim - is to create visual that people can think differently while looking at the visual.

Idea for visual (poster):

Using important people in the country / Korea such as doctors, presidents, police, teachers, and civil servants get tattoos.

Because of Confucianism and history in Korea, doctors, presidents, and public officials etc.. people don't vote for people who looks not trusted or don’t pick person who has tattoo because of the perception.

For each visuals used I used their representive color scheme for their job/work.

Website supports guerilla campaign (visual poster). In the website, it has information about Korea tattoo, people’s real stories from their experience, interview with tattooist, news and etc.

Prototype link: https://www.figma.com/proto/c8hFwP1DRLkpZIB0F1vFNs/Korean-tattoo?page-id=270%3A0&node-id=270%3A1&viewport=858%2C-1072%2C0.3148733675479889&scaling=min-zoom 

Student bio

Hi, my name is Kelly Lee. I am a graphic designer and makeup artist from South Korea. I’ve been doing graphic design for almost 4 years. I really love to do illustrations. Also interested in branding and packaging design. I have experience working with real clients. I’m willing to meet more clients and work together.


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